Thursday, October 22, 2009

Product Review: Le Creuset Silicone Spatulas

Why I love them: These colorful cooking tools are made of awesome. They come in a variety of colors: red, green, yellow, white, sparkly (my fav) and sizes. They are very durable and clean up beautifully.

The back story: After ditching my el cheapo spatulas that I received from my bridal shower and/or purchased as a newlywed, I started doling out bigger bucks for a fabulous Le Creuset spatula. My original spatulas were fraying and bending. Ick Nast! As an avid baker, I knew it was high time to up the ante on this important tool for awesome treats. Unfortunately, the cheap spatulas lasted about a year or so. My Le Creuset spatulas are five years strong and still going.

Uses: Depending on your size and shape, the spatulas are great for folding and stirring ingredients, removing batter from bowls, getting condiments out of jars and bottles, smoothing batter out in a pan.

Pros: Durable, heat resistant, colorful, many different shapes and sizes for different needs, versatile, pretty.

Cons: Pricey.

Cost: $9-$14

Where to buy: Sur la Table

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