Friday, January 15, 2010

Shop Til You Drop

It's the dead of winter, dear readers. And that means one thing and one thing only: Major sales on kitcheny thangs, bells and baubles.

But,  I'm trying to be a good little Susan and Not Shop. So, these past few weeks you can find me in my spare time: exercising my bootie off, reading a good book or two or three..., organizing my house like the crazy husband in "Sleeping With the Enemy," or watching reruns of "The Office" and/or "South Park."

In a previous life, I worked retail. Each summer and holiday break from my college days at Carnegie Mellon University, I would come back to glamourous South Jersey and hawk things at Macy's. In those days, I worked the juniors department. At Christmas they would put me wherever they needed me - usually perfume (Oy!), or men's (where I have to say I was pretty clueless) or hosiery (which was just so god awful, OMG.) They never put me in housewares. I think in my late teens, early 20s the housewares department would have sent me into convulsions.

Upon graduating college, I got my first real job as a gritty, nose-to-the-grind journalist. But the peeps at Macy's encouraged me to stay on. And at the time, I was in the department that had won over my soul - SHOES. And the pathetic, sad reality is: I made more money working 15 hours a week selling shoes to South  Jersey broads then I did working 40-plus hours a week as a newspaper copy editor. If only they told me THESE details in my college journalism classes. So, for a few years I was a shoe sales gal by day, copy editor by night. I was also really skinny and exhausted from never eating or sleeping. Awesome!

And by working retail you learn some things about  how The Consumer works. After the Christmas clearance sales are finito, many shoppers focus on their home. And so, come late January and February, kitchen steals and deals are everywhere.

So, here's what's going on this week at some of my fav shops. I will start with Macy's.

More Wusthof...

Wusthof at ShopStyle

MANUFACTURER'S CLOSEOUT! Wusthof Cutlery, Grand Prix II 8 Piece Set

Orig. $552.00
Now $199.99

That's an awesome price for Wusthof knives. These knives are amazingly fab.

More OXO...

OXO at ShopStyle

The OXO 10-Piece Pop Container Set isn't on sale, but it seems necessary as part of my organization quest. Cost is $99.

Williams-Sonoma is offering free shipping on many, many items, according to an e-mail I received this a.m. Williams-Sonoma and free shipping are a rare combination.

Many items are on sale, too. My picks:

Williams-Sonoma Nonstick Goldtouch™ 4-Piece Bakeware Set is on sale for $84. It's available online only. This is not something I need, but for those who want a starter baking set, this may be for you. The Williams-Sonoma bakeware line is pricey, but awesome!

Cuisinart Elite Die-Cast 16-Cup Food Processor. On sale for $299.95. My cousin Blair, who is a mac daddy cook, LOVES this piece. When he bought it this past fall, he raved about it. The reviews are really great on the Williams-Sonoma Web site as well.

Happy shopping!

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  1. LOL to the husband from Sleeping with the Enemy. Just LOL.

    & I was also a Macys girl for a short bit in the college years. & in the hosiery department where I just wanted to tie that sample hose around my neck and stick a fork in me. OMG.