Thursday, February 18, 2010

Now That's More Like It

Creme Brulee - Take Two.
But the Jersey Girl still needs the fuel to fire up the blowtorch.

Check it out, dear readers.

Above is a pic of my Creme Brulee Redux. The recipe I used made four servings, so at some point during our recent snowed-in stint, we gave the extra leftover dessert another whirl, because I kinda think, no, actually it's safe to say, that my Creme Brulee Take 1 was a bit on the overcooked side.

Just say it, Susan. Just say it: The Brulee be burnt.

But I, I will survive.

Even though burning something kills me. I mean, I have a reputation to protect.

But alas, the Jersey Girl does eff up in the kitchen now and again.

Actually, the Creme Brulee Take 1 didn't look so pretty, but it tasted amazingly fab. Just in case you do try at home and go a little overboard on the carmelization part.

I really gotta get the fuel to ignite the blowtorch. All of the research I've conducted says that a blow torch is way better than the broiler in a Creme Brulee situation.

Must get on that.

For deets on making Creme Brulee, click here.


  1. You might have to give up on this one and have Mark just take you back to LeBec Fin.

  2. That looks so so so good. My love of all loves is some creme brulee. There's a restaurant in Hawaii that does that whole Pacific Fusion thing if you know what I mean and whether or not you're a fan, they do this fabilis fabilis ginger creme brulee and it is 2 DIE 4.