Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Miraculous Masterpiece: Evan James Leiser

My little perfect Babycakes is here!

Minutes after Baby Evan is born. Please keep your eyes on the baby, and not the hot mess that is me.

Hangin' with his grandmom, aka Nanny.

All dressed up and ready to leave the hospital. Thank freakin' God.

Asleep at last. Evan was not a fan of the car seat at first.

Tummy time with Daddy.

Mr. Gorgeous.

When I look at him, it still astounds me.

He is only the Cutest Baby Ever in the Whole Entire World. I say this 10,000 times a day.

Baby Evan arrived home on Wednesday, Nov. 17 after what seemed like a foreva eva stint in the hospital.

Induced labor kicked off at 10 a.m. Friday, Nov. 12, and progressed until the pushing began around 11 p.m. An hour later, the doctor declared that this babe was not coming out the old-fashioned way.

Hysterics on my part did ensue. The Jersey Girl wanted no parts of a C section. But, my crying could not put off the inevitable: We were going under the knife to get a happy and healthy baby out already.

Evan wriggled his button nose and flashed his dimples at us around 1 a.m. Saturday while “I’m Coming Out” serenaded his journey from womb to world. (Seriously. That song was on during the surgery.)

Our stay in the hospital was never ending, clouded by pain meds, yucky food and hormones. Fortunately, I had the most perfect little angel to look at when the hospital stay was wearing me down.

We made a valiant attempt to master breastfeeding. (I’m happy to report that this is going well. I think. Well, I’ve heard no complaints from the mouth being fed.)

And, we tried to get some rest. Of course, nurses and doctors and room service and other random peeps knocking on your door every 20 minutes make that a bit difficult.

Needless to say, we were SO FREAKING HAPPY to leave the hospital and come home. The Jersey Husband and Aunt Lorraine rocked out mad baby decorations. So cute!

And I’m just trying to get back to normal while having the best time ever with my little Evan. Or Babycakes. Or Pumpkin. It seems like he digs it here. He’s been meeting the fam and listening to Mozart and Debussy and catching up on General Hospital.

We had an amazing Thanksgiving. And, I am so very thankful for Baby Evan, and The Husband and for my super wonderful fam.

Hope you all had a great holiday.

Recipes and more regular posts will be back on track this week!




  1. Congratulations!!!! He's so cute.

  2. I love it Susan...he is beautiful! I have been thinking about you!! Congratulations!!!

  3. He's beautiful, Susan. You and Mark must be very happy.

  4. congratulations!i was thinking of you and waiting for your update.
    enjoy this special time with your cute boy!

  5. Congrats! He is a cutie. Make sure you get your rest when you can. - John

  6. What a beautiful baby! Congratulations!!

  7. Oh, Susan -- you look beautiful! Congratulations on Evan - he is gorgeous. Although you are experiencing some of the most trying and tiring times, enjoy every second! Babies are the most amazing thing ever, arent they? Have a wonderful holiday season!

  8. Linked to you from CDAN. Beautiful baby, congrats!

  9. a-freakin'-dorable! (that's my Jersey-speak ;)

    too cute, Susan, really!

  10. He is adorable and you are not a hot mess.

  11. Suz, Congratulations on your new addition--- I am so happy for you.

    Take care

  12. Susan,
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh i am going to cry! How cute is the Cutest Baby Ever!!! Congrats! I am super happy for you and happy that everything is going well. I have couple more days to go, baby is moving like crazy and my swelled feet are out of control!

    Much love,


  13. he is just gorgeous! congrats :) love his name!

  14. Sorry, Evan Leiser was born in 2004: