Monday, July 7, 2014

Zucchini Fritters Nigella Style

There's nothing better than cooking up a dish of amazing deliciousness, and both fellas in your house give you the brush off with, "No thanks."

And by "nothing better," I really mean, "Can I cut one of you with this butter knife and throw my whisks across the cucina Mommy Dearest style?"

If only I had whipped up these fab Zucchini Fritters for my 549 Facebook friends. Hello, 20 likes. If that's not love, I don't know what is. You know, since Facebook is real and all. I so have 549 friends in my true day-to-day existence who aren't named Elmo, Thomas or Curious George. Don't you?

I totally just coulda shoulda invited my Moms over. She so had my back on these morsels of shredded zucchini cakeypoofs in leftover style. And if any of you know the lady who gave me life, she is not one to dole out the accolades. Particularly to her overachiever, overextended, overanalytical middle daughter who is well aware that the kitchen cabinets need to be organized, I buy too many shoes and cookbooks, take too long to make home-renovation decisions, and am overall a massive disaster. What would I do without you, Mommy Obvious?

(I would lose my mind, honest to goodness. And the parents are getting out of dodge and moving to Florida forevs in August. I gots the major SADS!!)

But in addition to cleaning up the kitchen and offering her opinions on what should go where in my soon-to-be-newly-finished basement (yay!) my momma RAVED about my zucchini fritters the morning following her baby-sitting gig at mi messy casa.

"What were those things in the purple container in your refrigerator?"

"They were amazing."

"What was in them?"

Well, Mom, since you asked: These Zucchini Fritters courtesy of Nigella Lawson include two shredded zuccs, lots of scallions, a whole bunch of basil and parsley, a couple of eggs, some flour, feta, a splash of lime and a lotta love.

Just not from my Jersey Girl boy toys. Guess I needed to serve the zucchini fritters with a slab of beef or a pound of bacon or a vat of beer. I don't know. I thought my Evan baby doll would have housed them since he loves zucchini when I rock it out in other manners.  These are SO much zingy-ier, tastier, summerier than the Barefoot Contessa zucchini fritters that I whipped up two summers ago. Wow, how time flies.  The Nigella fritters are just heavenly: Crispy on the outside with the tang of the lime, punch of the feta. And the fresh herbs. Eek. Love it!

 My son did give me a good ole fakeout in that he straight up asked for a zucchini fritter and then ate a piece of bread.

Thanks, kid. And then he wanted a lollipop. The nerve!

Those of you who are actually good at gardening and produce gorgeous zucchinis by the bushel are gonna want to rock this one out. Trust.

Be sure to not invite my husband and son over for dinner.

(Disclaimer: I warned The Husband straight off the bat that when he declined my food he would hear about it for a good week and it would be a blog topic. He understands. I think. Well, maybe not.)

I also need to inform you that I swapped out the fresh and dried mint in the recipe for basil because the mint at my majorly low-grade ShopRite was looking an oh-so-appealing shade of brown. It kinda screamed out to me, "I've been festering on this shelf under fluorescent lights for two weeks now. DON'T buy me." So, I went with the basil. What? Produce in dodgy grocery stores doesn't talk to you?

Despite my herbalicious change, these fritters were divine, and I am sure the mint is fab, too. I liked the basil, lime, feta combo so much though, I may just stick with that. I mean really, what does Nigella know? Just kidding, Domestic Goddess. You know I'm gonna hunt you down in fangirl style when The Husband suddenly whisks me off to London one day like a General Hospital leading man.

Zucchini Fritters
From "Forever Summer"
By Nigella Lawson

4 zucchini (approximately 1 1/2 pounds)
5-6 scallions, finely chopped
9 ounces feta cheese
Small bunch fresh parsley, chopped
Small bunch fresh mint, chopped, plus extra to sprinkle over at the end
1 Tbsp. dried mint
1 tsp. paprika
Scant 1 cup all-purpose flour
Salt and pepper
3 eggs, beaten
olive oil for frying
3-4 limes

Coarsely grate the zucchini with either the grating blade in the food processor or by hand. Spread the little shards out on a tea towel and leave for about 20 minutes to get rid of any excess wetness.

Put the chopped scallions in a bowl and crumble in the feta. Stir in the chopped parsley and mint, along with the dried mint and paprika. Add the flour and season well with salt and pepper. Gradually add the beaten egg and mix thoroughly before stirring in the drained, grated zucchini. Don't be alarmed by the unflowing straggly lumpiness of this batter; it's meant to be this way.

Heat a few tablespoons of oil in a large frying pan and drop heaped desertspoons of the mixture into the hot oil, flattening the little cakes down with the back of the spoon as you go. Cook these little patties for about 2 minutes each side until golden, and then transfer to a couple of waiting plates.

Chop up the limes and tumble them about the edges of the plates. Sprinkle over a little more chopped mint and eat them just as they are, spritzed with lime juice as you go.

Makes about 25.

Please note: The Jersey girl used fresh basil and dried basil in place of fresh mint and dried mint.

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